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Parents are their children’s first teacher, brain builder, tech navigator, advocate and coach. They are the secret sauce to their children’s success.

Parents play the most powerful and influential role in their children’s lives. As their children’s first teacher, brain builder, tech navigator, advocate and coach, parents set the stage for success in the early years and early grades. Parents can best ready children for school, establish good school attendance habits and prevent summer learning loss. The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading recognizes that parents are the secret sauce!

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Without parents, it is unlikely that we can make progress on the Campaign’s three community solutions areas — readiness, attendance, summer — or, ultimately, on third-grade reading. This is why a focus on supporting parents should be integrated across all of our work in GLR Campaign communities across the country.

To assist communities, the  GLR Campaign has developed a framework that identifies nine essential competencies that communities can help parents strengthen in order to support their children’s school readiness, school attendance and summer learning. The competencies are supported by science, research and what the field is learning about the important responsibilities and roles parents play in helping their children succeed. The Parent Resources Guides below offer a deep dive into this framework and the competencies highlighted across readiness, attendance, and summer.



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ESSA: What Parents Should Know
Publications date: October 2017

Hosted in partnership with the United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN), this webinar helps parents learn more about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the important role that parents can play in their state and local school district to help advance their priorities.
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Supporting Parent Success: Applying What We KNOW to What We DO
Publications date: June 2017
Years of research and new science continue to reinforce our conviction that parents matter a lot in the life outcomes of their children. This report highlights the work of five national agencies — including the National Academies of Sciences, the US Departments of Education and Health and Human Services, Zero to Three, the Annie E. Casey Foundation and others — and zeroing in on applying what we KNOW to what we DO in our communities to support parents.
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Supporting Parent Success Resource Guides
Publications date: April 2016
As a companion to the Successful Parents framework, the GLR Campaign has produced three Supporting Parent Success Resource Guides, one for each GLR Campaign community solutions area. The guides explain why the competencies matter; share proven and promising programs, tools and resources; highlight other inspiring community efforts; and offer ways to measure impact.
Download guides: Readiness | Attendance | Summer | Current Research


Innovation Brief: Engaging Parents in Boosting Children’s Early Language and Brain Development
Publications date: November 2015
Increasing the quantity and quality of conversations between young children and their parents is a key strategy of the GLR Campaign’s work to boost the number of children reading proficiently by the end of third grade. Explore how Oakland, Calif., Seattle, WA and Georgia have used different programs and resources to encourage reading and close the “30 Million Word Gap” that exists between low-income children and their wealthier peers.
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Innovations Brief: Reaching and Supporting Parents Where They Are
Publications date: October 2015
GLR Campaign communities nationwide are engaging, supporting and equipping parents — in the places parents frequent — with books and early literacy messages.  Read examples of strategies that work and learn from cities like Dayton, Ohio, Richmond, Calif. and Kansas City, MO. have implemented them to great success.
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Pioneering Digital Literacy: In The Digital Wild West: Empowering Parents and Educators
Publications date: August 2014
Digital apps designed to teach young children to read are an increasingly large share of the market, but parents and educators have little to no information about whether and how they work. The GLR Campaign worked with experts in early literacy and technology at the New America Foundation and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop to create a report that scans the market of digital products and shares promising practices and programs.
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