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Self Assessment Tool

Questions about filling out the self-assessment tool or the process of being considered for the 2014 Pacesetter Honors? Check out our Pacesetter Honors/Self-Assessment Tool FAQ’s.

The Campaign has created an online self-assessment tool  and a downloadable PDF that allows our communities to review your Community Solutions Action Plans (CSAPs): the problem, the destination, the strategy, the synergy, the use of data and the success and sustainability. The survey provides a quick, easy way to update your CSAP. It also provides the GLR Campaign with valuable data on where the Network communities stand and how to honor them as we consider the 2014 Pacesetters in December.

This fall–the midpoint moment between the 2012 launch of the Grade-Level Reading Communities Network and the 2016 All-America Cities Awards–marks a great time to refresh and refine those plans you laid out for improving early reading. You can reflect on the lessons you learned and focus on what you need to do before the 2016 All-America City Awards. You can also build successful parents and healthy on-track development into your plans. We would like communities to complete the survey by Dec 1, but feel free to submit anytime this fall,

Two years from now, we’ll convene the Network again to recognize the communities that have made the most progress in reaching the goals laid out in their CSAPs. We want you to be there with us. The 2014 Pacesetter and the self-assessment are our opportunity to couple your hard work to date with the tools and TA needed to cross the finish line to victory in 2016.   Click here to open the online self-assessment tool.

Learn more about the aspects of the CSAP in these short videos:

1. The Problem: Sanam Jorjani of the Rodgers Family Foundation in Oakland

2. Destination, Desired Outcomes and Impact: Barbara Hammond of the Learning Alliance in Vero Beach

3. Strategy Integrated and Intertwined: Michelle Hill of the Vernon School Readiness Council

4. Connecting for Synergy: Eric Dregne of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

5. Data: Laura Koenic of the E3 Alliance in Austin

In additions to the completing the survey, communities competing for the annual Pacesetter Honors are expected to

  • Participate in the GLR Campaign’s messaging and mobilizing opportunities, such as Summer Learning Day and Attendance Awareness Month. (The easiest way to show your participation is to post on the summer  and attendance action maps.)
  • Demonstrate progress in at least one of the three community solutions areas — readiness, attendance and summer learning. We’re also looking for progress in adopting or replicating proven and promising programs, as well as in strengthening stakeholder engagement, community engagement and cross-sector collaboration.