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Sunday, Apr. 12, 12:00 AM -12:00 AM

- National Volunteer Week: April 12-18

National Volunteer Week, to be celebrated April 12-18, offers an opportunity to lift up the value of volunteer reading tutors and honor those doing the work. Please send us the names of individuals or organizations you work with that provide reading tutors or share your own efforts by April 6. We’re creating a special web page to honor and celebrate these groups. Photos are welcome, too. Submit the organization names on this form. If you like, you can add a very short description of their work and scope.
Tuesday, Apr. 28, 12:00 PM -1:00 PM

- Webinar–Better Than Finding Nemo: Finding & Sharing Common Language Among Parents and Providers, Early Educators, Teachers & Health Professionals

April 28, 12 - 1 PM

A key "secret sauce" ingredient to ensuring that more children from low-income families are ready for school is to make sure that we use the research on how best to help children learn and thrive. Then we need to create a common language so that families and professionals are talking and working together to bring this research to life.

What have we learned from the science to zero in on some of the most important concepts--particularly from the research on executive function life skills? What have we learned from practice... More »

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Wednesday, May. 27, 1:00 PM -2:00 PM

- Webinar–Betting on Elmo, Martha, & Lena: The Promise of Technology to Reach & Support Parents

May 27: 1 - 2 PM BETTING ON ELMO, MARTHA, & LENA: The Promise of Technology to Reach & Support Parents in Creating Literacy and Language Rich Environments Featured Guests: • Lisa Guernsey, New America Foundation • Michael Levine, Joan Ganz Cooney Center Click here to register.