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Healthy Readers Resource Guides

healthyreadersinfographicGrowing Healthy Readers: Taking Action to Support the Health Determinants of Early School Success is a full series of resource guides for incorporating Children’s Health and Learning Priorities into action plans for improving school readiness, school attendance and summer learning.

The Growing Healthy Readers series was developed by the Campaign’s Healthy Readers team and will help community- and state-level coalitions determine how to take action on priority issues that affect children’s health and learning. Each guide includes research documenting the effects on learning, strategies for improving outcomes and case studies of effective local programs.

Healthy development beginning at birth greatly affects children’s ability to learn: Children who are on track in their physical, and social and emotional development are more successful learners from their earliest years, and are more likely to become proficient readers. The Campaign’s Healthy Readers Team has identified five Children’s Health and Learning Priorities that most affect early learning; and developed seven resource guides that will help communities incorporate strategies to strengthen children’s health and learning. These issues—each with a research-based connection to success in learning—include:

1. Prenatal Care and Infant Development

Resource Guide: Supporting Healthy Births and Infancy

2. Comprehensive Screenings, Follow-Up and Early Intervention

Resource Guide: Ensuring Early and Appropriate Screenings and Intervention

Resource Guide: Supporting Children’s Healthy Social-Emotional Development

3. Oral Health

Resource Guide: Ensuring Oral Health

4. Asthma Management

Resource Guide: Controlling Environments and Managing Asthma

5. Nutrition and Physical Activity

Resource Guide: Promoting Healthy Food Choices

Resource Guide: Increasing Physical Activity

The Healthy Readers Initiative of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading focuses on strategies to ensure that children from low-income families are in good health and developing on track at four key milestones in their development from birth through third grade: Born Healthy, Thriving at Three, Ready at Five, and Present and Engaged in the Early Grades. The Campaign will continue to work with national partners and Sponsoring Coalitions in the GLR Communities Network to help develop specific solutions targeted to the needs in each local community. 

These guides were developed with support from the Healthy Readers Advisory Committee, which included the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Irving Harris Foundation.