3rd Grade Reading Success Matters

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Fresno, CA – 2016 Pacesetter

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Fresno, California

The GLR Campaign recognizes Fresno, California, as a 2016 Pacesetter for its strong cross-sector collaboration, use of data and work with families in public housing.

Data-sharing agreements between school districts and the Fresno Housing Authority (FHA) and the emergence of an Early Warning and Response System — developed by the Fresno Unified School District and recently adapted for the early grades by Fresno Area Strive/Fresno Compact — are helping assure more low-income children will get the early interventions and supports they need to start school ready to learn, attend school regularly, maintain academic gains over the summer months and read proficiently by the end of third grade. The Early Warning and Response System already has allowed Fresno Unified School District to do a “deep dive” on the data and discover chronic absence as a major driver of lack of reading success in the early grades, prompting roll out of text-messaging platforms and other outreach strategies to parents and caregivers. In addition, the data-sharing agreement between FHA and Fresno Unified is tracking K–3 students living in public housing to assure school readiness through parent engagement, vision screenings and outreach to special populations such as the Hmong community.

FHA also has partnered with the local public library system to integrate summer learning opportunities and enrichment programs into public housing sites.

For more information, contact Community Lead: Fabiola Gonzalez