3rd Grade Reading Success Matters

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading


Investing in a Strong Start: New Funder Toolkit Highlights GLR Campaign
We know that children’s earliest years are critical to their future success. Millions of children in the U.S. face lives of lost potential as a result of inadequate support from birth to third grade. In fact, more than 80 percent of children in low-income families are not proficient readers by fourth grade, a key predictor of school success and high school graduation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Last week, The Center for High... ... More »

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading: An enterprise funder’s perspective
  The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading: An enterprise funder’s perspective "When national and local aspirations align, new realities are created. That is what happened when some serendipity began an aligned partnering journey between The Patterson Foundation and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, a national movement to increase the success of children across the country by ensuring they read on grade level by the end of third grade...." Click here to read more from Debra Jacobs, President and CEO, The Patterson... ... More »

AARP Foundation Experience Corps: A new revolution, led by volunteers
This is a guest post by Lester Strong, Vice President, AARP Foundation Experience Corps In the 1960s, America watched as its young people “got involved,” doing all they could to change the world. Now that generation has the potential to launch a revolution again, this time as volunteers. Some 10 million people aged 50 and older volunteer, but only about 2 million do so in education, even though boomers say that education is a high priority when... ... More »

Setting the Pace for Student Achievement
It sounds simple: for children to do well in school, they need to be able to read well. In reality, two-thirds of fourth-graders in the United States do not read proficiently. That number is even worse for children from low-income families – 4 out of 5 fourth-graders from these families are failing to reach proficiency standards in reading. For these young students, dropping out of high school and struggling throughout their lives is much more... ... More »

“Too Small to Fail” Campaign Brings National Attention to Word Gap
Last week saw major national action on the “word gap” between low- and high-income children, spearheaded by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A Clinton Foundation initiative released a community campaign guide for local leaders across the country working to close the word gap, and Clinton held a surprise event in Brooklyn to launch a public awareness campaign on early vocabulary development. The “Talking is Teaching Community Campaign Guide,” released by Too Small to Fail, provides... ... More »