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Everything you need to know to be a 2014 Pacesetter
It's that time again. The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading is gearing up to award Pacesetter Honors to local coalitions that are "leading by example" in their quest to remove barriers to early literacy. Got a story to tell? Take part in the 2014 self-nomination process described below. 1. What are the Campaign Pacesetter Honors? The Campaign Pacesetter Honors are among the highest awards presented by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. These awards recognize communities that are “leading by example” to... ... More »

English comes in many forms
One of the challenges facing any elementary school teacher in an urban, high-poverty environment is helping children who speak an African-American dialect of English.  Academic success requires students to demonstrate command of standard English grammar by the end of elementary school, and that’s not easy if students can’t understand a teacher’s academic language and a teacher can’t understand students’ speech. Despite some public controversies, the issue is not trying to teach young black children to abandon... ... More »

5 State School Chiefs Commit to Reduce Chronic Absence
Recognizing the corrosive effect that absenteeism has on student achievement, five chief state school officers have committed to promoting solutions that can improve attendance across their states. The school chiefs, who co-chair the Advisory Committee on Eliminating Chronic Absence, have asked local superintendents to take on the issue and develop programs that reduce chronic absence, a measure of attendance that includes both excused and unexcused absences. Research shows that missing too much school for any reason, starting... ... More »

Study Shows How Attendance Affects Test Scores
A state-by-state analysis of national testing data demonstrates that students who miss more school than their peers consistently score lower on standardized tests, a result that holds true at every age, in every demographic group and in every state and city tested. The analysis, Absences Add Up: How Attendance Influences Student Success, is based on the results of the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and was released today by Attendance Works at the start of... ... More »

Become a 2014 Pacesetter!
Remember the excitement and enthusiasm from the 2012 All-America City Awards? It’s hard to believe that it was only two years ago, when you joined us in a great journey to demonstrate that communities across the country, dedicated to a single outcome, could make a difference in the lives of children from low-income families. Since then, we have been amazed and inspired by what is happening in the Grade-Level Reading Communities Network. We have seen summer learning... ... More »