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Camden, New Jersey – 2016 Pacesetter

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Camden, New Jersey

The GLR Campaign recognizes Camden, New Jersey, as a 2016 Pacesetter for overcoming barriers to success, scale and sustainability by building cross-sector collaboration, community-wide mobilization and a coalition of local funders committed to improving grade-level reading.

Camden’s GLR campaign Born to Read continues to build on the existing community collaborative that has brought together more than 20 organizations in a multifaceted effort to help youth succeed in school. Partnerships and involvement with change initiatives, such as the Camden Promise Neighborhood (CPN), have allowed the coalition to establish and build cross-sector collaboration and mobilization on a large scale. The coalition’s experience with CPN demonstrates how partners in the city can work together with alignment and purpose, maximizing the use of private and public funds and goodwill. Community-wide messaging, use of data, cross-sector coordination and partnerships, and practices, programs and policies are all critical elements in Born to Read’s work. With the support of the CPN collective, Born to Read will continue to engage new partners and explore new and creative ways to keep current funders invested and excited about the work.

Telling stories through data is critical to the scaling and sustainability of the coalition and remains a top priority for stakeholders.

For more information, contact Community Lead:: Merilee Rutolo