3rd Grade Reading Success Matters

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Bright Spots Schools

Elementary schools where students are thriving in a reading-infused culture.

  • George Hall Elementary Mobile, Ala.
    What do scavenger hunts have to do with reading success? Learn how creative strategies moved student scores from rock bottom to 100% proficiency in seven years.
  • H.S. Thompson Learning Center Dallas
    Read how one school’s “own little formula” of educational strategies, plus the occasional load of laundry, helped 100% of students achieve top statewide scores.
  • Humboldt Elementary Dewey, Ariz.
    What does it take to motivate kids to reading success? Lots of data — and a principal willing to shave his head and eat bugs.
  • Lincoln Elementary Oakland, Calif.
    By serving as the hub and heart of its community, Lincoln Elementary engages entire families in student success.
  • Loma Park Elementary San Antonio
    Learn how hanging in a cool Club House, along with an innovative literacy plan, sparks a passion for reading in English or Spanish.
  • Morningside Elementary Brownsville, Texas
    Positive thinking plus creative curricula equal 99% mastery on state tests.
  • Natchez Elementary Wadsworth, Nev.
    High expectations, rigor, and a lot of extras mean student success on the Paiute Indian Reservation.
  • North Godwin Elementary Grand Rapids, Mich.
    Go team! One school’s game plan of collaboration and fun scores high achievement goals.
  • Pittsburgh Dilworth Pittsburgh
    See how yoga and Tic-Tacs complement an arts-infused curriculum to raise reading scores in an urban school.
  • P.S. 7 Sacramento
    From the first day of kindergarten, PS 7 treats students and their parents as pre-college students.
  • P.S. 83 Luis Munoz Rivera New York
    Teamwork transformed this East Harlem School into a place where 96% of the students score proficient on state reading tests.
  • Rock Island Elementary Rock Island, Wash.
    In an isolated rural community, attention to data, total commitment to literacy, and “an office staff like bulldogs” means children now learn to read.
  • Synergy Charter Academy Los Angeles
    Teachers learn to be “turnaround specialists” and parents get weekly reports on progress at Synergy, where children now learn to read.