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Bridgeport, CT

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Bridgeport, CT

The Bridgeport, CT, Grade-Level Reading Campaign is recognized as a 2014 Pacesetter for making measureable progress on student readiness outcomes. The average score of children attending Bridgeport’s 2013 “Kick Off to Kindergarten” rose nearly 19% on the Brigance Preschool Assessment and 14% in 2014.

With 34% of Bridgeport’s children starting kindergarten without attending pre-k, local GLR coalition partners worked to offer the “Kick Off to Kindergarten” program, providing free half-day summer early learning experiences to 64 children in 2013 and 2014 who were kindergarten bound and had not previously attended a pre-k program. The program is designed to ease the transition to kindergarten by providing activities that introduce early literacy, numbers, group play and more.

The Bridgeport GLR Campaign reaches approximately 3,945 low-income children in a school district of roughly 20,000 students. In partnership with the Bridgeport Public Schools, the Campaign regularly tracks the following as key measures of its overall impact on student readiness outcomes:  percent of children from low-income families in accredited child-care settings, including publicly-funded programs, Head Start and home-based providers; percent of children from low-income families ages 1-5 who receive a developmental screening; and percent of low-income parents participating in home visiting programs.  Reflecting on the community’s progress since it joined the Campaign in 2012, local GLR Lead, Cathy DeCesare, commented, “The awareness of the importance of Grade Level Reading has become ubiquitous throughout our community resulting in a coordinated effort across the city to ensure our children have the skills they need to success in school and beyond.”

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading proudly recognizes the shared ownership for the progress in Bridgeport among the following members of the local sponsoring coalition:


  • University of Bridgeport
  • United Way of Coastal Fairfield County
  • Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children
  • Bridgeport Public Schools
  • Bridgeport Public Library
  • PLTI
  • Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc.
  • Bridgeport Public Education Fund
  • Cesar Batalla Family Resource Center
  • Connecticut Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation
  • William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
  • Bridgeport Child Advocacy Association
  • Bridgeport Hospital
  • Bridgeport Housing Authority
  • Bridgeport YMCA
  • Connecticut Department of Social Services
  • Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center
  • The Parent Center and Family Resource Centers
  • Housatonic Community College
  • Bridgeport Board of Education
  • Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Office of the Mayor of the City of Bridgeport
  • Optimus Health Care