3rd Grade Reading Success Matters

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

The GLR Network Keeps Kids Learning This Summer


On June 19, we celebrated Summer Learning Day, and because of hard work and mobilization efforts by communities across the country, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading was front and center.

More than 90 Campaign communities are “on the map,” hosting over 130 summer learning events and programsthroughout the summer. Coalitions, programs, partners and leaders from across the Network have committed nearly 70 pledges to keep more than 190,000 young people healthy and learning this summer. And the number grows every day.

Summer learning’s role as a key strategy in improving third-grade reading proficiency was lifted up during NSLA’s Solutions to Keeping Kids Learning, Healthy and Safe This Summer: A Kick-off to National Summer Learning Day event in Baltimore.

There is still time for your community to join this national effort.

Thank you for ensuring that this summer will be a season of learning for children across the GLR Network. Happy Summer Learning Day!

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