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Patrick Corvington

Patrick Corvington Senior Fellow

Patrick A. Corvington manages the Campaign’s relationships with federal agencies, including the Department of Education.

Corvington served in President Obama’s administration as the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Corvington assumed leadership of the Corporation during a time of extraordinary growth, mandated by the passage of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. Corvington’s leadership of the Corporation was guided by four principles: targeting resources to make service a solution to major national challenges; expanding opportunities for more people of all ages and backgrounds to serve; building the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to use service as a lasting solution; and embracing innovation.

Most recently, Mr. Corvington served as a Senior Vice-President with Habitat for Humanity International where he created a management and deployment infrastructure for the over one million Habitat for Humanity volunteers.  Of Haitian origin, Mr. Corvington took particular interest in HFHI’s development efforts, assisting in managing a large scale housing construction project and over four hundred volunteers who built 250 houses alongside President Carter, in Haiti.

Mr. Corvington served as Senior Associate at the Annie E. Casey Foundation where he engaged directly with some of the top social innovation intermediaries in the nonprofit sector including Venture Philanthropy Partners and Echoing Green and has co- authored publications such as Ready to Lead: Next Generation Leaders Speak Out and Next Shift: Beyond the Nonprofit Leadership Crisis. 

Prior to joining the Foundation, Corvington was Executive Director of Innovation Network, a non-profit agency whose mission is to build the evaluation and results capacity of the non-profit sector.  Corvington has also served as a Research Associate with the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Center at The Urban Institute, one of the nation’s premiere nonpartisan economic and social policy research centers. While there, he conducted housing policy research and worked to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations in Russia.  He also has worked as a patient advocate in a community-based HIV/AIDS clinic; traveled the east coast migrant stream as a case manager for migrant workers; and volunteered his time working in the infirmary of a shelter for homeless persons. His background with community-based organizations, capacity-building organizations and policy research, underscores an understanding of and commitment to helping mission-critical organizations build their capacities around organizational development, leadership development and navigating the policy environment.

Mr. Corvington, received his BA in Sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park, and earned his MA in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University, where he received the National Minority Leadership Fellowship from the Kellogg Foundation and Independent Sector.  He also received an Honorary doctorate from William Smith and Hobart Colleges.  Mr. Corvington has served on the Board of Directors of Echoing Green, the Washington Regional Association of Grant-makers, The Nonprofit Workforce Coalition, The National Conference on Citizenship, and the Takoma Children’s School.

A native of Haiti, Corvington is fluent in French, French Creole and Spanish. He and his family reside in Takoma Park, Maryland, where they are active in their local community.